Trainer of Trainers (ToT) on Inclusive Education in Madagascar

The 2nd ToT of Miara MIanatra professionals was completed in November of 2023

A second round of professional development comprised of a 10-day Trainer-of-Trainers (ToT) course on Inclusive Education for the Malagasy Lutheran Church (Madagascar) took place in November of 2023. Complementing work initiated in 2019, all materials were developed attending to the specific Malagasy context and informed by previously conducted capacity development and program evaluation. The on-site intensive training covered: Introduction and principles of adult learning; Creating an inclusive ethos; Working to create inclusive schools; Identification and referral pathway; Individual Educational Plan (IEP) process; Introduction to learning styles; Universal Design for Learning (UDL); Parents, family and community participation in inclusive education.

Mongolia Review of policy on Inclusive Education

Commissioned by the Mongolia Education Alliance, a review of Mongolia' s current policy and legal documents on inclusive education was completed in consultation with inclusive education development partners, including the Inclusive Education Coordination Mechanism. It included the assessment of the implementation of the main policy instruments on inclusive education policy, practice, and financing and compared them to the principles enumerated in the CRPD General Comment nº4. It provided a summary of the situation in countries of similar context and comparable levels of development and explored their potential application in Mongolia. The report recommends revisions to improve the current policy instruments in inclusive education and develop implementation guidelines, as required, and provides overall guidance to the national team of consultants in the design of training programs' contents for different audiences and the application of current best international inclusive education practices in the target schools and kindergartens.

Inclusive Education in Mongolia - Policy and Legislation Review - Technical report